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Recipe: Thirst-quenching electrolyte popsicles with just two ingredients

As the weather gets warmer, it becomes increasingly important to hydrate. Without excess calories, this electrolyte popsicle recipe is perfect post-run.

Electrolyte popsicles

Electrolyte popsicles

As the weather gets warmer, it becomes increasingly important to hydrate. While I’m terrible at consuming fluids during a training session, I make up for it before and after my workouts.

When I get home, I usually crave something cold to quench my thirst, however chugging back copious amounts of water may not be the best idea as it could dilute your electrolyte levels even more. When you sweat, you aren’t just sweating water, thus it’s important to replenish the salts that have been lost.

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My favourite electrolyte replenisher are the Nuun tablets. They come in convenient packaging, and dissolve quickly into a tasty drink. There are lots of other options such as Eload, GU tabs, Gatorade (more of a sports drink than electrolytes), to name a few. They are all relatively similar, but vary slightly in taste, packaging, and potency.

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On a particularly hot day I came home and was craving an icy beverage. I had seen some children near my apartment that were enjoying bright coloured freezies and I was instantly jealous. Not wanting to go back outside when I was already in the comfort of my own home, I decided I should just make my own. It was as simple as making a highly concentrated bottle of Nuun so that the flavour would be strong enough to taste in a popsicle. Pour that into the popsicle forms, wait for it to freeze, and I had my own replenishing frozen treat without all the excess sugar and calories.

Electrolyte popsicles

Electrolyte popsicles


– 2 cups water;
– 2 Nuun tablets of your flavour preference (or any other electrolyte product).


1. In a glass, dissolve the electrolyte tabs into the water.
2. Fill up the popsicle forms with the water to the top, place the cap back on and place in the freezer.
3. Once frozen (two to three hours), run the mold under warm water briefly to loosen the pops and enjoy.

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