You need a good attitude and outlook to overcome many things in life. When Stefanie Taylor got the news she would endure 12 rounds of chemotherapy for her brain cancer, she kept on moving.


Stefanie is a 23-year-old who manages a French pastry shop in Fredericton, N.B. When not counting sticky buns or stacking croissants, Stefanie is banging elbows at roller-derby, playing in a marching band and running.

When Stephanie was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, she made a pact with another cancer survivor to run a 5K and a 10K to raise money for cancer research. While training for the races she was told she would have to start her first round of chemotherapy. Training can be hard enough. Cancer alone can be tough enough mentally and physically.

Stephanie decided she could probably still run the races, albeit a little slower. She continued running and treatment. She finished both races and went on to continue training during her treatment.

Stefanie ran her first half marathon less than a year later, the day after finishing her final round of chemotherapy.

When not out running, careening around roller rinks or marching with her great attitude, Stefanie can be found at home with her wife and two dogs.

Run on Stefanie – you inspire and are an example of how to tackle life and approach it with the right attitude.

Do you have a running story to tell?

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