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My Summer Run Car Kit Essentials

What to pack with you just in case you get the opportunity to run while on the road, and one item you probably bring, but shouldn't

There are few things worse in life than showing up somewhere and realizing there is a perfect running trail and realizing you’ve left your shoes at home. Or realizing you could have snuck in a run workout between errands if you had only had your running gear.

This past summer, I finally decided that I was done with missing out on perfect runs, hikes and exploring new trails so I created a kit for my car that has everything I need to run anywhere I go. I put it in a plastic bin and store it in my trunk. This is what I keep in there:

A pair of running shoes and running outfit

I packed the New Balance Fuel Cell because they are light enough that I can use them for a quick workout and sturdy enough to use on some trails. No matter what shoes you use, make sure they are versatile. I also packed a sports bra, a T-shirt, a long sleeve and shorts. (The long sleeve also comes in handy for campfires when I forget my jacket.)


I find that when I am working out in the sun, it is easy to get burnt. This is a necessity.

Wet wipes

If I am running in between events, there is nothing like a quick wipe down to remove the worst of the sweat and leave me feeling as fresh as possible.

Workout Nutrition

When I am exploring a new area and am unsure of how long I will be out training, I try and always take some form of nutrition with me, like a gel. I like to have some form of recovery drink handy to take after a workout as I traditionally take something in within 30 minutes of completing my run. I use Vega recovery accelerator but no matter which one you use, make sure there is some protein and that it stores well in a vehicle.

Hair elastics

I have no idea where all of my hair elastics go to but they are constantly disappearing. I keep a few extras to make sure I am pony tail ready at any time.


I recently started running with this and I keep a fob in my car to grab on my long runs in a remote area. It will notify anyone if something happens to me and keeps my mind at ease so all I need to do is chase down the best trail I can find!

What I DON’T have

Plastic Water bottles – Leaving water bottles in a hot car can leach chemicals into the water as the plastic heats up. Instead, I suggest a reusable water bottle that you can fill up at a water source. If you are remote, I really like the Life Straw water bottle because you can drink water anywhere.

No matter where you are running this summer, run safe and prepared!

For more running tips,  you can find me on Instagram at @lacesandlattes and on my personal blog.