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Visually impaired trail runner to marry guide at Maritime Race Weekend finish line

One of Canada's best trail runners is making it official with her guide.

Well, I didn’t expect this to happen. Two of Canada’s legendary trail runners, Rhonda-Marie Avery and Steven Parke, have decided to run Maritime Race Weekend’s Tartan Trio (triple race challenge) and then get married on our Tidal Trail 15K finish line!

The coastal routes will be a breeze for this dynamic duo. Rhonda is the only blind runner to ever tackle the infamous 100-mile Barkley Marathons and her fiancé, Steven, is a crazy 200-miler ultra guy and her eyes while she runs.

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How did this happen? I’m not really sure. Rhonda and I are both Brooks Running ambassadors. Last month, I saw the amazing article about her in Canadian Running and gave her a shout-out on social media. Later that week, we were chatting on the phone about them coming to Maritime Race Weekend and our conversation took a sharp turn and suddenly we were planning their wedding.


The wedding ceremony will begin when Rhonda and Steve complete the trail run. Runners who previously finished the 15K are encouraged to stay as wedding guests. The race won’t stop because of the nuptials. Anyone running in behind them is encouraged to continue through the finish-line as the bride and groom tie the knot.

To ensure the special day runs smoothly for Rhonda and Steven, I’ll create two new volunteer positions for the wedding. I’m secretly hoping to be Maid of Honour or at the very least “Bling Bearer”…