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What’s old is new

Seven tips to help female runners spruce up their wardrobe.

One of the best things about spring is that as it gets warmer and brighter, it’s also time to switch up the wardrobe.

With spring comes weather that’s warmer, but just a bit warmer. So, on a budget you don’t really want to buy clothes that’ll only be good for a few weeks.

Even though it’s still March,  I must say, I was excited to put away the black running tights and toque (yes, I wear a ski toque running when it’s cold out…sometimes even fashion can’t beat the winter). It makes me sad that running in the winter can be such a drag on your closet as well.

On top of that, with the new season comes dragging out your old run clothes that might be either out of date, old, or just plain boring.

Here are some ways to spruce up your running wardrobe while still keeping money in your pocket:

Two tank tops, four outfits. Bright tops can be layered. The D’lite Micro Mesh Racerback Tank Top from Brooks are perfect for this because they’re thin. I can wear one shirt with a sports bra underneath (which, technically add two more outfits because different coloured sports bras can add to the mix), or I can layer them on top of one another. Pretty sweet.

Tee to tank:
Sometimes I find as spring gets a bit warmer I don’t really like the sweaty feeling my t-shirt gives me. Plus, the more tumbles in the dryer, the more worn out they get. So, I chop off the sleeves and make them into a sort of muscle top. The boyfriend/oversized style is in, whether you’re at the gym, running, or wearing an oversized watch or blazer to work.

Tell the time:
Like I said before, the oversized thing is kind of “in” this season, so I grabbed a cheap plastic men’s watch from the dollar store that I could carry around with me on runs without worrying about it getting ruined or lost. It’s cute and makes for a great conversation starter.

Leggings into capris:
Oops. You put your leggings in the dryer and now they’re a bit too short. Plus, it’s getting a bit warm out–really, they’re near retirement anyway. Chop ’em off and they’ll last you for spring. Since spring is so short, why go out and buy new crop pants if you can manage to get a few weeks out of those longer leggings.

Don’t throw it out just yet:
Extra tip: if you’re cutting nylon, take the extra fabric and make a headband. We did this in high school with pantyhose before the whole lululemon thing. It keeps the bangs back but can be a bit slippy, so you might need a bobby pin to keep it in place. They’re free — and fine to lose in the depths of your backpack.

Wash up:
Salt and mud on your shoes? Woah, don’t toss them out! Stick those bad boys in the wash (in a cloth bag though, so don’t beat up your washer). Seasoned runners: you might already have this tip under your belts, but it never hurts to be reminded that a good wash can make your shoes fresh looking (and smelling). Honestly, I used to hand wash my shoes in the tub before someone gave me that little tip. Tie the laces together and hang them over the dryer door as you shut it to keep them from rollin’ around in there too. Magic erasers are also good for a good sole scrub.

It might sound silly, but a some nail polish can add to any outfit and is my guaranteed mood booster. Wear the black but throw on a splash of color to ring in the spring.