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Must-watch documentary series: Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing

While one film based on the Boston Marathon bombing has grabbed a lot of attention lately, a documentary mini series on the major historical event is another must-watch for runners.

Photo: Michael Doyle
Photo: Michael Doyle

It has been three and a half years since the Boston Marathon bombings shook the running community and made headlines around the world. As 2016 winds down though, that sting is still strongly felt by a large population. While the Mark Wahlberg film “Patriots Day” has caught a significant amount of attention, another, lesser know, film series has just come out this month. 

The mini series Marathon: The Patriots Day is an HBO documentary series put together by Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg in partnership with The Boston Globe. It premiered on Nov. 21 and has captured multiple plot lines that unfolded after the 2013 bombings. From the capture of the Tsarnev brothers (the perpetrators of the attacks) to the way the families of the victims continued their lives afterwards, the series aims to depict many angles. 

The attacks at the Boston Marathon happened during the 2013 running. Three were killed and over 260 were injured as a result of the bombs planted on the course. 

So far, it has been well reviewed by some of the key publications in the U.S. Some of the praise for the series is as follows:

“A superb, bracing look at the terrorist attack on Boston and its aftermath.” – Boston Herald


“As with all of the best examples of this genre–this film was not made to provide a feel-good moment that enables us to go back to forgetting about the bombing and those most affected by it. It was made to remind us that recovery is far harder and more complex than we realize.”- The New York Times

“Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg’s moving HBO documentary Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing, produced with help from the Boston Globe, can be viewed as a thoughtful study of the lessons of magnitude.” – Washington Post

“[An] restrained, eloquent, and artfully composed documentary.” –Boston Globe

Recently, the full trailer for the other notable Boston bombing video was released. Patriots Day premiered in mid-November at the American Film Institute Fest. The editor of the popular movie review website Rotten Tomatoes said that it was a powerful film and that he was “still reeling” the day after seeing it.