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Reads for runners: Proteinaholic

Proteinaholic By Garth Davis, M.D. and Howard Jacobson, Ph.D. 

Reviewed as a book which all health conscious people should own and doctors should recommend to patients, Proteinaholic explores the importance (or lack thereof) of protein in our diets.

Written by Dr. Garth Davis, a surgeon who has spent much if his career working with obese patients, this read examines our obsession with boosting protein intake in our diets and after the workouts. This includes our regular meals at lunch and dinner as well as protein supplements, smoothies and bars we associate with physical activity. Dr. Davis approaches his writing with one main question: “Is this additional protein making us healthier?” He thinks the answer is no.

Runners who read this book will notice that it is a breakdown of the role of protein with tips for weight loss. Dr. Davis argues that while we think protein makes us energized and stronger, it actually makes us weaker, sick, heavier and tired. Driven to write about this after his own health scare, he examines causes of cancer, obesity and heart disease and comes to a conclusion that the healthiest people in the world consume less protein. This book is a compilation of his own research consisting of his own medical experience as well as scientific studies done on the world’s populations.

Ultimately, Davis aims to add clarity about healthy eating in an industry clouded by false tips and misinformation. This will be an interesting read for runners, nutrition-savvy folks and those striving to learn more about healthy eating.