A British triathlete is going for the record number of sperm donations. So far, he’s fathered 800.

By Claire Duncan

Simon Watson, a triathlete from Britain, is trying to achieve a world record number of sperm donations. He claims to have fathered 800 children in the past 16 years and hopes to raise that number to 1,000. Watson explains that his competitive nature is the driving force behind this attempt.

“I’m very competitive,” he told Daily Mail. “As time went on and I fathered more and more kids, I thought, ‘I’m going to spend all my available time doing this.’”

He explains, “Which animal is the most successful? The one that produces the most offspring. As humans, we tend to have two or three children but I want to take it a stage further. If I could achieve a world record, it would be a form of success.”

Sperm donation has become Watson’s primary source of income. He operates his business (which is entirely legal) through a Facebook page, charging £50 for a sperm sample.

Watson is a long-time runner and endurance athlete.  He completed his first marathon at age 15 and has since gone on to compete in local triathlons in the UK.

Watson prefers not to meet his offspring, though says he can easily identify them if they cross paths while out and about.


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  • Candice says:

    What happens when these kids grow up and end up marrying their sibling? Hope they don’t end up having kids together. There should be a limit on this sort of thing.

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