Brooks Running

Photo: Screenshot of the Brooks Running advertisement.

For possibly the first time ever, zombies and running shoes are the highlight of a running commercial as Brooks Running meets the popular AMC television show, The Walking Dead.

The full-length advertisement (which can be seen below) is three minutes in length but 15 to 30-second clips will air during the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials for those with NBC on Feb. 13. It just so happens that The Walking Dead mid-season premiere will air this Sunday.

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The pack of zombies stumble upon a town, and after picking up a pair of Brooks running shoes, are transformed into runners. The tagline near the end of the video is “running makes you feel alive.” Apparently, zombies are the best avenue of demonstrating that.

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“We wanted to capture the transformative power of the run and create a call-to-action to inspire happiness and positivity through running. The visual progression from stumbling zombie to clear-eyed, happy runner in the TV spot perfectly captures how the run can make you feel more alive,” Anne Cavassa, chief experience officer at Brooks, told AdWeek.

So remember, in the case of a zombie apocalypse, make sure you have some Brooks footwear handy to satisfy the needs of zombies and turn them into non-bothersome runners.

As Brooks puts it, “watch how running transforms the undead to the rundead.” The full-length video can be found below:


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