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Top Canadian running brands to outfit your run

These uniquely Canadian brands can help keep you running strong and free in Canada's true north

There are no shortage of running brands these days. From shoes to apparel to accessories, even fuel, running is an activity that requires an investment in quality gear. And while being loyal to any one brand seems unnecessary–unless you’re a sponsored athlete–we do recommend supporting these Canadian brands when you can.

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Just in time for Canada Day, we present some of Canada’s most iconic running-related brands, some which you may not even know were Canadian.

Running Room

Founded in 1984 by John Stanton, now a household name–if you live in a running household that is–who established the first store in Edmonton, the brand has grown to include 110 locations across Canada and the United States. The Running Room is a one-stop shop for all your running-related needs including shoes, apparel, electronics and fueling supplies. Increasingly, they sell their own branded clothing and accessories in addition to many other popular brands.


Their training clinics have also become an important stepping stone for those just getting into the sport as well as those looking to take their running to the next level. Running Room is now the host/sponsor of a select number of signature running events across the country including the Servus Edmonton Marathon and BMO Okanagan Marathon.

Congrats to all the staff at South Edmonton Common on their grand opening today.

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Mountain Equipment Coop–or MEC as it’s commonly known–has been helping Canadians have “good times outdoors” since 1971 when it was incorporated as a predominantly climbing cooperative. Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds and now has more than 20 stores in several major cities across Canada.

In addition to being a premier retailer of all the top running brands, MEC also sells their own clothing and accessories. In the past few years, they have also made a name for themselves by hosting low-cost and inclusive running events across the country both on the roads and the trails as well as offer clinics and seminars that help you become a better runner. Shopping at MEC is as easy as becoming a member–a lifetime membership costs $5–and visiting your local store. Their staff are friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about the outdoors and will help you make the best choices when it comes to getting fitted and equipped for your chosen sport or activity.

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Endurance Tap

What’s more Canadian than maple syrup? Made of only three ingredients–ginger, sea salt and mostly maple syrup–Endurance Tap is a simple and tasty fuel source. The brand was started by two Canadians passionate about sports nutrition,  who came up with a product made of real food and that provides endurance athletes with the fuel they need to do what they love. Best of all, it tastes amazing!

Ciele Athletics

Regardless of how you say it, Ciele has become more than “just a cap.” The Quebec-based company is focused on both performance and protection for athletes and adventurers of all kinds. Their products come in a huge assortment of colours and styles meaning you should have no trouble finding something that is both comfortable and matches your own personal style.

Math Sport

Mathieu Raymond, a 28-year-old runner from Laval, Que., wanted to give every runner the opportunity to own their own custom-made running shoes. He started Math Sport which uses a personalized scan of a runner’s foot to create a unique insole. The runner then chooses the rest–the amount of cushioning, the heel-to-toe drop, even the colour–to come up with a totally unique shoe that meets their needs and preferences. And what originally began as a crowd-funding campaign as grown to become a respected running shoe brand with clear Canadian connections.

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Athletes Collective

Launched in 2014, this unbranded athletic clothing brand offers superior performance in a plain and simple package. Although the plan is to expand to feature female products as well, the brand currently offers only men’s sportswear.