The Canadian men’s 4x100m relay team may have been disqualified, but they’ve won the hearts of Canadians for being a class act.

In an open letter to the team, consisting of Gavin Smellie, Seyi Smith, Jared Connaughton and Justyn Warner, 10-year-old Elijah Porter from Newfoundland not only wrote the team a letter consoling them on the loss, but gave them his Timbits soccer medal as well.

“When I heard what happened on Aug. 11, I knew it was wrong. The rules were not right. But, at last, I realized how good you were,” the boy wrote.

10-year-old Elijah Porter sent his Timibits medal to the men's relay team.

10-year-old Elijah Porter sent his Timibits medal to the men's relay team.

Porter was among many Canadians who took to social media to support the men’s team for the classy way they handled the disqualification.

“Inspired by the courage, class, & loyalty shown by the Canadian men’s relay team,” Tweeted @HockeyChick_ after the race.

Immediately after the disqualification, Connaughton took responsibility for the misstep that cost the team the medal. “As soon as I saw the replay I saw I stepped on the line. I’m sorry for costing my teammates a medal.”



  • notamediawhore says:

    While the sentiments of this young boy are very noble, he should perhaps have been taught that just because the rules do not go in your favour, doesn’t make them wrong. He plays soccer; therefore he knows there are rules to the game, any game.
    I’m just wondering what the motive was in sending them his medal …. just saying.

    • Mardi says:

      You did read the part about his age didn’t you? He is 10 – he just wanted to make them feel better. This story is not about rules so much as it is about supporting someone when they are down. Lighten up.

    • Kate McD says:

      You wonder what the motive was? He’s 10! Give it a rest. Enjoy someone’s good will. It’s rare enough these days. So rare, in fact, that some people question that it exists.

  • Bonnie says:

    OMG….how touching is that:(

  • Bobbi says:

    Wow…this little guy embodies the true Canadian spirit
    So proud of our Olympic athletes and so very proud to be Canadian!

  • Eva says:

    You are winners to us. I thought the whole foot had to be over the line. Batton Exchange is a tricky business when your partner is close to the edge.

    Well done to you all.

  • Ms. Porter says:

    I watched the men’s 4 X 100 metre run that day, full of excitement and anticipation as those true athletes ran for our country. They put their hearts and soul into each and every step, representing each and every Canadian. Although, regulations disqualified them from the medal that they so richly deserved, in all our (Canadian’s)thoughts, they are truly “Gold” winners. What Elijah Porter wrote, came from his heart, and for him to give his medal in place of their’s is also a truly loving gesture. To each of the men whom ran that relay race, you are “THE” true representatives of what is to be a Canadian. Thankyou for showing the world, the courage, strength and honesty; to be proud yet humble in accepting the challenges in life that all come our way as Canadians do. You are ALL superb representatives for all of us. May the examples of those athletes whom suffered the dissapointment of loss, yet, inspired the generosity (Elijah’s) in another be remembered and passed on, for all of us to forever aspire to.

  • Steve says:

    I wonder what the kids letter would have said had the Jamaicans or Americans had stepped on the line. My guess is that the rules would have been “right” then, considering the silver medal that would’ve been around the Canadians neck.

  • sherry scott says:

    Elijah you are amazing and very generous! I was so touched when I read your letter and very proud that we are fellow Canadians.

    Yours truly

    Sherry Scott in Penticton BC

  • Patty says:

    Made me cry and made me proud to be Canadian

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