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Older Episodes

The Shakeout Podcast: The Road to the First Olympic Women’s Marathon

23-year-old Silvia Ruegger raced for Canada at the first Olympic women’s marathon.

The Shakeout Podcast: The High Risks of Running

After a near-fatal climbing accident, Adam Campbell tells his story of struggle and survival.

The Shakeout Podcast: Racing Against the Clock to the Boston Marathon

Soroush Hatami fights against the travel ban to run in this year’s Boston Marathon

The Shakeout Podcast: Alex Hutchinson Uncovers the Mystery of Endurance

Sports science journalist Hutchinson explores the limits of human performance through personal experiences.

The Shakeout Podcast: George Aitkin, a Photographer’s Chase for the Perfect Shot

Surrounded by a massive collection of running photographs, Aitkin explains why his work remains unfinished.

The Shakeout Podcast: Canada’s Fastest Diva

An opera singer finds her stride in running.

The Shakeout Podcast: Bruce Kidd, the Teen Who Beat Them All

Canada’s great long-distance runner of the 1960s battles on the world stage.

The Shakeout Podcast: Would You Race in The World’s Coldest and Toughest Ultra?

Listen to stories of struggle and triumph from an ultramarathon in the Yukon.

The Shakeout Podcast: Expert Tips to Nail Your Running Resolutions

Don’t give up on your resolutions! How to write and rewrite smart and simple running goals.

The Shakeout Podcast: An Exclusive Interview with Gary Robbins

In his first media interview following the race, Gary Robbins gives us a first-hand account of his dramatic finish at The Barkley Marathons.

The Shakeout Podcast: The Dirty Race

We ask Hilary Stellingwerff about racing at the 2012 London Olympics, her thoughts about the subsequent doping revelations, and what can be done to ensure clean sport.

The Shakeout Podcast: Bruny Surin, Canada’s Other Fastest Man

In 1999 Bruny Surin became the new leader in Canadian sprinting.