Cats in shoe boxes

This cat has the perfect hiding place and fortress.

It’s no secret that cats love boxes. Playing with boxes, scratching them, sleeping in them and apparently, posing for the camera in them. Fortunately, running shoe boxes provide ideal dimensions for felines and there are several pieces of photo evidence.

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The exact reasons linking cats with boxes remains unclear but some theories suggest that boxes may provide cats a “safe zone,” a sense of warmth and a sense of security.

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Check out the full list of felines in running shoes boxes below. Some have more “cattitude” than others.

“I haven’t gained weight, the box just shrunk.”

“Does this red Nike running shoe box bring out the colour of my eyes?”

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Though not a running shoe box, this cat’s love for bananas is similar to a runner’s love for bananas

Cats in shoe boxes

“Were there New Balance fresh foams in this box?”

Cats in shoe boxes


“You have cat to be kitten me, I love Brooks running shoes!”

The “purrfect” match

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Umm, a little help guys??

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Fortunately, these shoes are smaller than those of the brand’s namesake, former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal (he has size 22 shoes)

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Meet Nelson: The most claw-some brand ambassador for Saucony running shoes

Runners and cats have developed such a close bond that there is even a Twitter account dedicated solely to cats photobombing pictures of notable runners. See below:


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