A sports dome in storage went up in flames on Monday at Central Technical School in Toronto.

According to Toronto Police, “a large tarp was engulfed in flames” and police and fire personnel responded at 2:37 p.m. EDT. The sports dome covers the artificial multi-use field within the 400m rubberized track in Toronto’s west end. It was installed approximately six months ago and is used in the fall, winter and spring.


According to CityNews Toronto, damages are estimated to be $1 million. Police say the possibility of arson is being investigated.

Good Morning everyone! Today is the day we take down the dome!

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The dome, which was taken down for the season at the end of April, is stored on the northwest side of the track facility. The sports dome has been a topic of debate among locals in recent years. It’s not connected to the high school which the track sits in front of and according to the Toronto Police, there were no injuries reported.

Central Tech Stadium, as it’s currently known, and its then-future was debated in the recent past because some people believed that facility renovation would increase traffic and present parking problems. The original track at Central Technical School was closed in November 2013 because tests revealed that the soil contained contaminants.

Construction of the facility was halted in 2016 when Razor Management, the company who took on the project, was faced with a retroactive tax bill from another facility, Monarch Park Collegiate. The project at Central Tech was completed by the fall of 2016.

The track facility is open to the general public, free of charge, during the outdoor season though school hours affect its hours of operation.


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  • Emy says:

    The Torontosun reported that Arsonists are sought for burning down sports dome at Central Tech high School (http://www.torontosun.com/2017/05/18/arsonist-sought-for-burning-down-sports-dome-at-central-tech-high-school). This dome was in storage for the summer after it was dismantled on April 27th. Fortunately, there are no injuries reported.
    The fire is said to have caused $1million in damage.
    Police suspect that the fire was deliberately set. A large portion of the roof of the dome that covers the field was destroyed and police don’t rule out arson. Shockingly students were out on the field around mid-afternoon when smoke was spotted coming from the dome’s storage area. By the time the police turned up the dome was engulfed in flames.
    The moment I came to know about the news I rang up my son to check on him who was enrolled in bubble soccer at the indoor sports for youth markham https://www.markhamsportsdome.com/youth/.
    Every such sports dome should ensure the safety of the people inside. Many youths undergo training in such sports domes.
    They need to ensure safe heat index because anything above 32 degrees Celsius creates the risk of heat cramps. Temperatures above 40 degrees are dangerous. Extreme heat has a direct impact on the quality of air. They should check or keep track of the quality health index before they flag off an event. Air supported domes are preferred to accommodate full-size soccer field which is safe, dry and comfortable.
    This Central Tech dome was in the news for many reasons and was in the debate between Razor Management Inc and a community who feared traffic problems in their neighbourhood.

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