Landing Area of Planica Giant Ski Jump

Landing Area of Planica Giant Ski Jump

Think you’ve got your hills mastered? Think again.

While many Canadian and North American races have infamous hill sections (think Around the Bay’s iconic hill or the Boston uphill, for example) it seems no well-known Canadian or American race can compare to the climb in one Slovenian race.

The race, featured in the video below (click the image to play), has what many have nicknamed “the hill of death.” Many also call it “the vertical marathon.”

That nickname is far from accurate though as the course is well short of 42.2K– it’s 400m. But that’s 400m of sheer vertical climb. It’s actual name: The Red Bull 400. So far there have been three runnings on the event which takes place on the iconic ski hill, Planica. That’s the location of many international ski competitions including this year’s ski jumping world cup.

Put on by the brand whose name has become synonymous with extreme sports and energy drinks, the race welcomes 425 participants who are ready to put their hill training to the test. Don’t expect to get any record-breaking times or anything though. Take your 400m time and likely multiple that by about five or six.

Last year’s female winner ran 6:25. The fastest man ran 5:08 to the top. The race happens every September.


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