A video has surfaced that appears to show what looks like a male runner intentionally pushing a pedestrian into oncoming traffic.

The incident took place several weeks ago – on Friday, May 5 – in southwest London, England but only today did British police release the disturbing video in an attempt the track down the perpetrator and speak to him about the altercation.

As can be seen from the video, the runner is crossing a local (Putney) bridge and appears to intentionally make unnecessary contact with the female pedestrian knocking her into the road. Fortunately, an oncoming bus was able to take evasive action and swerve to avoid hitting the victim so escaped with only minor injuries. Several passengers and bystanders also came to the women’s immediate assistance.

Even more aggravating was that the same male ran back across the same bridge some 15 minutes later and refused to acknowledge the victim. Local police are pleading for anyone who witnessed the incident or may know the identity of the assailant to contact police.

It should go entirely without saying that runners are required to share the sidewalks, trails and paths with fellow users in a courteous and respectful manner. Sticking to the right-hand side, running single file and following a predictable line as well as letting others know if/when you are about to pass – saying ‘on your right or left’ usually does the trick – are all effective ways to help minimize confrontations and accidents. 


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