Okay, I take it back.  I am ever-so-quietly picking up that gauntlet and tip-toeing, backwards, out of the blogosphere hoping no one will notice it was ever there.

It’s been about six-weeks since I boldly announced that come April, I would sub 45-minutes in the Toronto Yonge Street 10k shaving more than four-minutes off of my PB. And, in that time, I have broken some personal records:

— Most donuts eaten in the month of December (13)
— Most consecutive days of wearing sweat pants without working out (9)
— Beat this guy in the fastest scooter race…ever.

But as far as my running goes… I’ve lost my mojo.  The desire to run with any sort of intensity or plan has completely escaped me. On top of which, last week I made the brutal error of stepping on the scale. To my horror, it confirmed that I am not suffering from a severe case of holiday bloating as I had hoped, but instead have gained almost 15 pounds since running the Toronto Marathon in May.

Translation? I’m 149lbs. Again. One pound over where I found myself this time two years ago and I’m not only unhappy, I’m physically uncomfortable.

So I’ve got some new goals: I want to get back into it.  I want to be fit. I want to be healthy. I want to be able to wear my jeans without a button mark being imprinted on my belly.

Here’s how I’m going to do it.

I’m going to start running again – for real. Last week I started back up with Dr. Stevil’s group. While I am now officially the team’s caboose, the group is so full of insanely dedicated runners that I can’t help being inspired  to get back to where I was and push past it. I’ve also signed up for weekly spinning and swimming sessions and weight training starts tomorrow. I’m still signed up for the Chilli Half marathon and Hamilton’s Around the Bay 30k in March, aiming for a PB at the Yonge Street 10k and to finish my first triathlon this summer.  I’m also eating better.

In other good news, due to a family history of colon cancer, I have a colonoscopy scheduled for next week. That’s a guaranteed three-pound-body-cleanse right there. Awesome.

In the meantime I’m off the couch and on my way to make a healthy salad with a side of self-righteousness for lunch. That’s what Kenyans eat, right?

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  • Carmine says:

    Welcome back
    I know you’ll do just great with Dr Stevil.

  • Jeff says:

    While you’re dieting, I’m heading off to get my eyes checked. I read your racing adgenda like this:

    “I’m still signed up for the Chilli Half marathon and Hamilton’s Around the Bay 30k in March, aiming for a PB at the Yonge Street 10k and to finish my first triathlon this summer. I’m also eating butter.”

    Even without the MythBusters, I thought butter was plausible.

    Happy New Year!

    • Rebecca Gardiner says:

      Mmmmm….. butter. I amregistered for those, but just going for the “participation” badge. No time goals or pressure. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the support!

  • Libby says:

    Go Becks!

  • Jane says:

    Apparently you are not the only one who should have avoided the scale (“ugg I haven’t been this heavy since I was pregnant”)and who seemed to have lost their running “mojo”. Thanks for inspiring me to get back at it.

  • Christine says:

    I knew something was missing from my life….but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was until I read your blog!! Good job roomie, I laughed out loud as always. 🙂 I’m trying to get my mojo back too…and it’s slowly coming. It’s those darned orange jackets, they suck you in!! See ya out there…soon I hope… 😉

  • Alison says:

    Thanks Becky for your inspiration, and for dragging me out yesterday. It was really hard, but one step closer to getting my “mojo” back too!

    • Jane says:

      Funny thing is it was seeing you out for a run that got me out the door the other morning. Good thing we have someone to start the domino effect and inspire us to keep going!

  • McD says:

    >>>Most donuts eaten in the month of December (13)

    ===But, seriously, how awesome are our donuts over here??? Compared to what gets served up as donuts in the great north land, Í’m surprised you didn’t eat 113 of the little buggers!!! I hereby declare that our “DONUT KING” shops shall now be known as “DONUT KINGS OF THE WORLD”. Come back soon.

  • Dan says:

    I’m highly frustrated by the continued publication of this “training” blog series. Canadian Running: You should set higher standards. As a serious runner who actually loves the sport, I am offended by the irrelevant content and pathetic attitude of this blog. I’m sure many ‘average’ runners are happy to hear how the author fails to meet her goals time and again and how she displays no real dedication to improvement or performance; however this also cheapens what I do and gives people the wrong impression that running is somehow simple and accessible to everyone. It’s not!

    • Jane says:

      Since I started reading Becky’s blog she has joined a hard core running group, lowered her marathon time by 47 min. and her half marathon time by 23 min. Each time she has dedicated herself to achieving a significant time reduction and she has humorously shared both her triumphs and her disappointments. Despite what you think, everyone can run. Not everyone can race as an elite runner but everyone can run. As an ‘average runner’ I have a greater appreciation for what elite runners do than if I didn’t run. So you see the only who ‘cheapens what you do’ is you.

      • Rebecca Gardiner says:

        Thanks Jane! Saw your comment when I went to post my most recent entry. You say the same thing… only more succinctly. I appreciate your support. Keep running!

    • Rebecca Gardiner says:

      Thanks for this Dan – as you will see you’ve inspired my latest entry. You’ll find it here:


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