Sports bra runner

An Edmonton woman is unhappy with the way a treadmill session ended while working out at a community recreation centre recently.

Coral Wiebe, 42, is an avid runner and was finishing up a long run on the treadmill at Meadows Community Rec Centre when a staff member approached her to tell her that her to cover up. Wiebe was wearing a sports bra and tights for her workout and according to The CBC, she was told that her running attire was inappropriate and not in line with the gym’s rules. 

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Wiebe said she was told that her workout gear wasn’t acceptable which she says shocked her and then left her feeling angry. According to Wiebe, she was told that the policy around workout dress codes is designed to foster a family environment and respect cultural values of all who choose to work out there. 

“I feel like I can be a responsible person and dress myself appropriately for the gym,” the runner told The CBC.

In an interview with CTV, she said that she has been running for 15 years and has been wearing the same types of clothing to gyms for the past two decades. The article also reported that the gym Wiebe was attending receives complaints on a weekly basis from members who say they felt uncomfortable with another’s workout clothing. 

While Wiebe did not mention to either news outlet if she is training for any race in particular, she has participated in ultra events in the past including Lost Soul Ultra and the Blackfoot Ultra Marathon. 


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