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It’s not often that runners become the talk of the internet but that’s exactly what happened when Reddit, a popular internet forum, got its hands on a photo of four elite distance runners.

In what has been dubbed “Photoshop battles,” users took an original photo and used editing software to manipulate the photo in rather humourous fashion.

The photo (from left to right) features Imane Merga (DQ), Bernard Lagat (silver), Dejen Gebremeskel (bronze), and Mo Farah (gold) competing in the 5,000m at the 2011 world championships in Daegu, South Korea.

Merga was disqualified for stepping on the curb of the track giving Gebremeskel an upgrade to bronze.

Canadian Running‘s favourites included an ice cream relay, Mo Farah’s reaction to a wedding dress, and the runners superimposed onto Mount Rushmore, just three of the hundreds of submissions on the thread.

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photoshop battle pic

Original photo

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Link to the Reddit thread (Warning: Some images and language are NSFW).


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