One Utah family is turning heads on the race courses for their seemingly odd choice in footwear. 

Father Sasha Pachev, 44, showed up the a race called the 500 Festival Mini Marathon with his son Benjamin, 18, and daughter Jennifer, 16. All three raced in Crocs. 

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While most runners fuss about running shoes and go through multiple to find the right style and brand, this family has decided to go for a completely unconventional option by running in the slipper-like clog shoes. Father Benjamin told that he has been searching for a running shoe alternative for a while and that he settled on Crocs after seeing his kids wearing them. He and his wife, Sarah, have ten children in their family. 

Contrary to how most runners would feel, this family finds them to be the perfect race footwear. Sasha even compares them to racing flats. He placed 44th in his race on the weekend out of the 20,000 runners who toed the line. Daughter Jennifer placed ninth in the 5K. Benjamin placed 16th. 

Sasha was also quoted as telling the IndyStar that other runners are often surprised and question he and his family’s judgement by racing in this obscure footwear choice. He has apparently reached out to the shoe company looking for sponsorship opportunities. He was turned down. 



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  • Denzil FEINBERG says:

    For over 15 years I’ve run hundreds of km in what I call “Croocs”, cheap knock-off Crocs that recently cost me CAD$7 (R70) a pair in Cape Town, South Africa. These have velcro straps IN FRONT, much better. Airy. I brought 3 pairs back with me in the last 2 visits. On rough trails and in the rain & wet roads I use my perfect Altras.

    In 1980 I ran the Manitoba Marathon barefoot in 3h 58m. I was a young 36 then, now I’m 73 and do not run barefoot on hard stuff. Grass & sand – lovely!

    Denzil (Ottawa & Winnipeg)

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