Some people celebrate Valentine’s Day and some celebrate “Single’s Awareness Day”. If you fall into the latter category and are hoping to find romance in a fellow runner, we’ve got some tips on how to find love (on the run).*

BostonStart1) Figure out a way to bottle up the scent of a Boston qualifying time and spritz it on in the morning.

All runners are attracted to that smell more than anything. Seriously, they will find you.

2) Wear all your reflective gear (all the time).

Maybe it’s just a matter of not catching their attention, right? Vest, tights, you could even go for one of those blinking lights if you have one. Flashiness catches the eye.

3) Pioneer the latest online dating app for runners.

Like Tinder, except call it Runer. This would allow you to locate potential fleet-footed mates no matter what city you are travelling in.

4) Perfect your runner’s nod.

This is the running version of the pick up line – smooth delivery requires practice. Try it out in the mirror before the runner across the street.

garmin 6205) If you see someone just starting out, wander over to them, but stay cool.

“Oh, didn’t see you there, I was just trying to find a signal on my Garmin.”

6) Check their footwear.

Same brand? You’re probably soulmates.

7) Recognize the signs – even when they are in their street clothes!

Does that girl at the cafe look like her hair was just put in a braid without showering? Did that guy in line in front of you just check his Strava? Are they wearing running shoes with jeans? Go for it.

8) Carry an extra gel during races.

Who knows? Saving a fellow runner from hitting the dreaded wall could be the start of a beautiful romance.

9) Sit and read Once A Runner on a park bench along a waterfront path.

They will come.

RandomStranger10) If all else fails, make a sign like this.

Runners love signs.

*Results may vary


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