Brand: MEC

Price: $75.00 men’s and women’s

Not all tights are created equal and as we get in November, runners need to make sure the winter gear drawer is well stocked with warm layers for icy winds. This year, MEC gives us the Mercury 2 Tights (Available in both men’s and women’s styles). This is the pair runners are going to reach for as the temperatures drop.

These tights are fleece lined to keep legs cozy and the groin comes with a double layer. The waist band is adjustable to keep the fit extra snug and to avoid any riding up during the run.

For runners who like to run MEC_Mercury_001with keys, cash or any other small objects, there’s a hidden side pocket on the leg. Deeper than many of the mini back pouches that several running shorts and tights come with, this pocket can tuck belongings away discreetly so runners won’t feel any annoying bounce.

MEC gets extra points with these tights for upping the style factor. his pair is mostly solid black so it will match the runner’s favourite base layers, vests and jackets. The reflective geometric printed panel on the ankle though gives these tights a nice touch without going overboard.


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