2013 Footlocker Cross Country Finals San Diego, CA    December 14, 2013 Photo: Bruce Wodder@PhotoRun Victah1111@aol.com 631-741-1865 www.photorun.NET

Caption: Grant Fisher wins the 2013 Footlocker U.S. high school cross-country championships. Credit: www.photorun.NET

Grant Fisher, a Canadian dual-citizen who lives in Grand Blanc, Mich., ran a sub-4:00 mile Thursday evening in St. Louis, Mo., racing, entering the ranks of few high school athletes who have ever run a sub-4:00 mile.

Fisher finished third in the elite field of the Festival of Miles meet, running 3:59:38. The race makes him the seventh U.S. athlete to ever dip under the mark while still in high school. Among Canadians, he becomes the fourth, alongside Marc Oleson, Kevin Sullivan and Nate Brannen.

Professional miler Jordan McNamara won the race.

Fisher competes as an American, already having built a decent resume of results which includes appearances at the IAAF world youth and junior championships. He will attend Stanford University in the fall, beginning his NCAA career. He was also twice the US Foot Locker cross-country champion, a meet which functions at a national high school championships south of the border.

Fisher told the Detroit Free Press after the run that he felt a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

As quick as the time is for a high school runner, Fisher is only tied as the quickest in the US. Oregon student Matthew Maton ran the same time in early-May.



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  • barebuns1 says:

    Great time. I wish he would pick Canada for the 2016 Olympics. But somehow I don’t think he will. Like the article says he competes as an American, so does that make him really a Canadian. Me personally, I don’t think So. 🙁

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