Want to run a marathon linked to 149 other runners? Perfect. You’ll fit right in with a group of people attempting a Guinness World Record at the Calgary Marathon later this month.

Here’s the deal: MitoCanada, a not-for-profit organization, wants to gather 150 people to run the marathon in Cow Town while linked at the waist. If they’re successful, they’ll be able to claim that record. The idea behind getting 150 runners to… er… link up, is to achieve this accomplishment during Canada 150. The problem? They still need to *rope* in 40 more runners. 

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That means that 110 runners have already agreed to take on this kooky challenge. And you thought simply running a marathon was crazy… 

While it’s for a Guinness World Record attempt, there’s more to the story. One neat fact: if 150 runners all run a marathon together, they will cumulatively cover the distance equal to running from Vancouver to Halifax. Talk about a creative way to celebrate the country’s anniversary. 

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Currently the record stands at 84 meaning that 84 people in this world have already run a full marathon while literally tied together. Talk about commitment! 

MitoCanada is a not-for-profit organization with a goal to change the outlook for those who are currently dealing with mitochondrial disease. They aim to offer support for those who have received a diagnosis while also furthering the advancement of research in this field. 

The Calgary Marathon is set to run on May 28, at 7:00 a.m. 


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