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5 of the best low calorie summer treats

Post-run treats to get you through your warm-weather runs

After a warm spring run, a cool down treat is an important part of recovery. Many ice cream companies have recently come out with low-calorie versions of their usual roster of flavours. These low-calorie options typically swap skim or non-fat milk for heavy cream to make the sweet treat less calorie-laden. If ice cream isn’t your thing, popsicles can also be satisfying when you’re finishing your hot workout.

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Melona Popsicles

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Just a refreshing splash of Mango Melona!

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Melona’s are a cross between ice cream and a popsicle. They come in five fruity flavours and are only 110 calories a bar with 14 grams of sugar. This isn’t a health food, but a cold sugar hit post-run won’t kill you. Just don’t eat five in one sitting.

Ben and Jerry’s Moo-phoria Light Ice Cream


With seven of their classic flavours like Cherry Garcia and Mocha Fudge Brownie, Ben and Jerry’s lighter ice creams are only 140-170 calories per serving. These used to be hard to get your hands on in Canada but now they’re widely available.

Yasso Bars

When Shalane Flanagan eats them post-run, you know you can too. Yasso Greek Yoghurt bars are only 80 to 100 calories per bar and have 5 grams of protein each. These could honestly double as the beginning of a recovery snack.

Talenti Less-Sugar Gelato

Talenti Gelato now makes a lower sugar option. Sweetened with monk fruit juice, a low calorie sugar alternative, the gelato rings in around 160 calories per serving instead of the roughly 250 calories per serving in their other flavours.

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

If you haven’t tried mochi ice cream, you have to – the Japanese dessert is the perfect post-run treat. It’s a small ice cream ball wrapped in a dough made of rice flour and potato starch. They come in all kinds of flavours but a personal favourite is green tea. At 100 calories per ball, have two post run for the perfect cool down treat.