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Canadian company develops protein powder specifically for runners

Runner's Protein provides the perfect formula of carbohydrates and protein to help you recover faster

We all know the importance of good post-run nutrition, and a protein shake or smoothie is often the easiest recovery solution for the busy runner. The only problem is that most protein supplements are targeted toward bodybuilders, gym-goers and people trying to lose weight, and so rarely meet the needs of an endurance athlete. 2 Runners & Co. are solving this problem. The Canadian company is now offering Runner’s Protein, an all-in-one drink mix formulated to the exact post-run requirements and standards for all runners, using the highest quality and minimal ingredients.


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2 Runners & Co. was started by Sandy Sahota and Keith Peppy . They noticed other drinks were too high in sugar, didn’t have enough protein, lacked complex carbs, and didn’t contain the most nutritious of ingredients. Neither of them are elite athletes, and they wanted something for runners like them — the dedicated, consistent, everyday runner.

‘Like the best inventions, Runner’s Protein originated in a flash when I realized I would need
multiple products to satisfy my post-run requirements,” explained Sahota. “With nothing on the market to fulfill the nutritional needs for daily runs, and after extensive research and development, the best post-run recovery drink mix was born.”

The product was developed over 18 months of trial and error to get the best possible drink mix. While many other endurance and run recovery drinks are packed with sugar and are low in protein, the philosophy behind the Runner’s Protein formula is a “Dynamic Ratio” — the ratio of carbs to protein. It’s formulated at a one-to-one ratio, which allows for a drink after runs of any length. For recovery after long runs, you can easily adjust the carb-to-protein ratio by blending the powder with fruit or other sugars.

Runner’s Protein uses a unique combination of ingredients to achieve this ratio, including fava bean protein and sweet potato flour — something not found in any other comparable drink mixes. In total, the powder contains 20 grams of carbohydrates, of which 8g are sugar (simple carbs) for rapid glycogen
replacement, and the remainder being complex carbs for prolonged glycogen replacement. It contains 20g of complete protein from three different plant sources, and yields 327 mg of sodium, 76 mg of
potassium, 34 mg of calcium and an impressive 60 per cent of recommended daily iron. Finally, the product is plant-based, dairy and gluten-free and is made in Canada in a nut-free facility.

Canadians can purchase Runner’s Protein directly from the website with secure checkout at www.runnersprotein.ca. A 690-gram tub with approximately 15 servings sells for $39.95, including free Canada-wide shipping, with no minimum purchase.

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