Need more energy? It might be about getting a little more power to get through a day at the office or perhaps you want a little jolt to get in the zone for that tough workout. Many runners are often looking for ways to up the energy levels– hey, as runners, it’s in our nature to go, go, go. Reaching for that extra cup of coffee to help get that surge of power might be habit by now. Coffee is great, but in certain doses. Looking for an alternative? These tea drinks are sure to maximize energy so you can get the lift you need to cut down that to-do list or bang out the kilometre repeats.

Just remember, not all teas are created equal. The below recipes are a great starting point. When shopping for a tea, loose leaf, all-natural teas without added artificial flavours are the way to go (and forget the teas with added sparkles or candy…). If you need a little picker-upper, these tea recipes are sure to do the trick:

Green tea and chia seed energy drink: Drink it in the morning to arrive at the office ready to work or have it on the way to or from the workout. This blend of green tea and chia seed packs nicely in a mason jar when made in larger batches. Just store them in the fridge until you need a boost. This recipe is super simple. Just brew the green tea and let is steep as you normally would and then load in the chia seed for an energy-packed beverage.

Energizing Ayurvedic tea: Put roots and seeds in a french press, pour in your boiling water and let it all steep to perfection. Runners will like this drink because not only is it packed with natural flavour, but it also uses green tea, mint, ginger and turmeric to give a healthy caffeine boost while benefiting the digestive system. No better way to start a morning or cure an afternoon slump.

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Green tea with mint leaves and honey: This is a simple drink to concoct. No complicated recipe needed here. Green tea is a well-known energy booster– so are mint leaves. Simply brew yourself a cup of the green stuff, add a fair helping of mint with a spoon of honey to sweeten. For better quality honey, opt for a jar from a local health store versus extra sugary and artificial ones from grocery store shelves.

Fresh peppermint tea with tarragon: Peppermint increases alertness and peppermint tea really doesn’t have to be anything fancy. To get the best cup, use freshly picked leaves or buy the leaves from your grocery store’s produce aisle rather than opting for a box of dry tea. If you’re looking to add a little something, include vanilla beans or tarragon leaves when steeping.

Lemon balm and Siberian ginseng blendPour yourself a nice full mug of this when feeling run down. Siberian ginseng is a favourite among athletes because of its ability to reduce fatigue. Some say it also helps better a person’s stamina and what runner doesn’t need that? In this recipe, the ginseng is paired with other herbs, many of which provide an emotional boost. This makes it perfect to get in the zone before a long run.

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Almond tumeric drink:  For those who feel nervous or jittery after drinking a cup of coffee, this drink might just be the perfect alternative. It’s easy to make and delicious to sip on first thing in the morning. This one is made with turmeric which is a runner’s favourite spice. Its frothy and creamy texture also makes it a nice alternative to your morning latte or cappuccino.

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