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Fresh Buddha bowls that meet nutritional needs in one simple meal

If you haven’t yet started taking advantage of this Buddha bowl trend, you’re missing out. Seriously, they’re quick, healthy and can be prepared and eaten leaving enough time for the workouts. What else do you want?


Let’s just say it like it is: runners are a crazy busy bunch. When we’re talking about a group of people who dedicate so much focus into taking mere seconds of a PB, we can pretty well say that this is a group that does not deal with time wasting well. First of all, we train to be time obsessed. Second of all, we spend all of our time doing exactly that– it doesn’t exactly leave evenings open to cooking a gourmet dinner. A lot of runners would be more than happy to just toss a bunch of ingredients together and go. That’s where the Buddha bowl comes in. Buddha bowls are a solution to a runner’s problem because they take very little prep time, taste amazing, and they will provide you with all your vitamins and fruit and veggie servings.

Give the Buddha bowl a shot with one of these recipes:


Put those carrots in the pantry to good use. This recipe (by Green Kitchen Stories, pictured left) is a great breakfast option if you need something to get excited about in the early morning hours. This one uses a great-tasting combination of ingredients and is sure to be the healthiest meal you eat all day. Hemp seeds, kale, radishes, fennel and quinoa= major energy boost. Oh and the tahini and sauerkraut combo adds a huge flavour boost.

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Many BBQ meals that are meat and sauce heavy tend not to be the healthiest choice. The downside to them is also the heavy feeling that lingers after indulging in rich, meaty foods. There’s nothing worse than feeling bogged down on the run thanks to a poor eating choice. This bowl though keeps the flavour that you’re craving but has a much better effect on your body. Oh and the purple Bowl2-BBQ_bowl1potatoes add a great source of energy plus they make this recipe looks aesthetically appealing enough to serve friends.


First of all, the spice combination that coats the chickpeas makes them an incredibly addictive snack on their own. pair them with the rest of the veggies that go into this bowl and you’ve got yourself a new go-to lunch. Your coworkers will be jealous and your body will be extra energized for the run later on. This idea is great for the person who loves traditional protein, greens and potato dinners only it adds a modern twist. It’s healthy and yummy, and a good meal to meet runner’s needs.


Peanut sauces always make things interesting. This Buddha bowl is a smart way to use up those carrots and red cabbage that may otherwise be left to sit. Add a fair quantity of rice to make sure it fills you up leaving your runner appetite satisfied. Like many Buddha bowls, this one can be varied. Add arugula, kale, spinach or another green if you have it at the ready. Another thing we love about this idea: it’s safe for vegan friends or family members.


Any recipe that finds a way to include pomegranate is one that we reach for. Wild rice is a good-for-you ingredient and it goes well with almost anything. In this bowl is works perfectly as the base grain and makes room for the bolder tastes of the pomegranate and squash. Go crazy on the greens if you so choose.


This is another great breakfast food that can work well as a healthy alternative to those greasy weekend brunches (pictured at top of page, recipe by The Awesome Green). Plus, who doesn’t like egg and avocado together? Get your protein and healthy fats as well as your course of crispy, fresh veggies with the beets and broccoli. The good thing with this recipe, is that you can throw in other veggies if you so please.