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Grain to get: Freekeh

Freekeh, pronounced “freak-eh,” is a little-known grain that deserves your attention. Freekeh is wheat that is harvested before it is fully matured and then roasted. The fibre is double that of quinoa and triple that of brown rice. The benefit of fibre is that along with keeping you regular, it also keeps you full longer.

Cooked in just 20 minutes, freekeh can take the place of rice or pasta in many recipes. The versatile grain can also be sprinkled on top of salad or eaten like a breakfast cereal.

So, go ahead, make the joke about “getting freekeh” and head to the store to try some.

1) Chicken butternut squash freekeh stew

spring-freekeh-salad-heroThis hearty dish is best served with a dollop of Greek yogurt on top.

2) Spring fresh salad with asparagus and peas

This light and summery dish works well as a vegetarian main or a tasty side dish. Take advantage of the summer season to use freshly shelled peas.

3) Freekeh salad with zucchini and wakale-stewlnuts

Zucchini, walnuts and green olives come together for a rich flavour accentuated by lemon-parmesan dressing.

4) Roasted sweet potato stew with freekeh

With chickpeas for vegetable protein, kale for green goodness and sweet potato and freekeh for low GI and slow burning carbohydrates, thfreekeh-breakfast-bowl4-466x700is is truly a meal fit for a runner.

5) Black bean freekeh sliders

Thinking about trying a veggie burger recipe this barbecue season? Try out these black bean and freekeh sliders and top them with avocado lime crema.

6) Freekah breakfast bowl

Like its cousins quinoa and rice, freekeh is often neglected as a breakfast option. Any steel-cut oat fans should think about giTTGemmLush_Lamb_platedupving this grain a try.

7) Beetroot freekeh salad

Don’t throw out the tops of your beets. The beetroots are a nutritional ingredient all on their own and this recipe makes them shine in a gourmet salad.

8) Lemon coconut freekeh cookies

Lemon-Coconut-Freekeh-Cookies-WM-BlogA cookie recipe healthy enough for breakfast.

9) Freekeh salad with blackberry ginger vinaigrette

With fennel, kumquat, blackberries and pistachios, this summer salad is a fresh and flavourful compilation.

10) Freekeh with brussel sprouts, apple and pomegranateFreekeh

This recipe makes for an incredibly fresh and colourful plate. Making extra will provide a great lunch for the next day.