Khorasan wheat — colloquially know as Kamut, a trademarked name — is a grain larger than conventional wheat and has a higher protein content. Some people with sensitivity to gluten have reported being able to tolerate khorasan, however since it is still a wheat, it is generally not recommended those with celiac disease try it out.

In terms of nutritional value, khorasan is solid, with a half-cup serving coming in at 140 calories and 6 grams of protein. It is cooked at a ratio of three cups of water per cup of khorasan. The grain also comes in puffed cereal form, for those looking for a breakfast cereal alternative.

1) Kamut chickpea salad

This salad is chock full of complex carbohydrates and vegetable protein. Throw in extra roasted veggies to make a full meal out of it.

2) Zucchini Kamut salad

kamutoatmealcookies1Zucchini and corn make this dish seasonal. With walnuts for extra crunch, you have a delicious side of a vegetarian main.

3) Kamut oatmeal cookies

Looking for a low pressure way to try out a new grain? Cookies are about as lower pressure as it gets, so give these a try. They’re made with Kamut flour.

4) Brussel sprouts with bacon Kamut and cheese

kamut saladThis recipe’s author describes the taste of this dish as “salty-sweet-nutty-crunchy-creamy.” So basically, it’s everything.

5) Kamut margherita salad

With sundried tomatoes and mozzarella, this khorasan salad is simple and delicious.

6) Butternut squash and Kamut

Butternut squash season is fast approaching. Prepare yourself by kamut saladtaking a gander at this savoury recipes.

7) Spinach and Kamut salad with chili orange

Kamut can also function as a grain topper to a green based salad, as demonstrated by this delicious citrusy salad.

kamut brownies8) Kamut dark chocolate energy bar

These are like a healthy brownies. All the chocolate, none of the guilt.

9) Vegan sushi

Whether you’re a raw vegan, vegetarian, or an adventurous omnivore, this recipe will test your culinary skills and impress your taste buds.

10) Creamy chicken and Kamut casseroleCreamy-Chicken-and-Kamut-Casserole-1

Chicken and rice tends to be a weeknight childhood classic and chicken a kamut casserole puts a different spin on things.

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