Ingredient spotlight: Fantastic fennel recipes

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If you’re not currently cooking with fennel, you need to start. This liquorice flavoured veg is part of the carrot family. One cup is less than 30 calories and packs a punch of vitamin C. Use it to add a unique zip to salads, sides and soups. Here are some fantastic fennel recipes to get you inspired:

fennel salad1) Orange fennel salad

The licorice flavour of fennel mingles with sweet fresh orange for a tangy summer salad. Sunflower seeds add crunch.

2) Pickled fennel

This delicious recipe for pickled fennel keeps for two weeks, so you can enjoy your fennel fix for a sustained period of time. Fermented foods are having a health moment, so if you’re looking to get in on the trend, give this recipe a try.

3) Grilled fennel and quinoafennel quinoa

This recipe’s author offers the handy tip to soak quinoa for a few minutes before cooking in order to remove some of the bitterness from it. You have the option of roasting the fennel for this recipe as well, if you don’t feel like barbecuing.

4) Summer slaw

Carrots, beets, fennel and red cabbage shredded mix together to form this fun side salad lightly dressed with olive oil, mustard and apple cider vinegar.

fennel soup5) Vegan leek fennel walnut soup

This recipe is delicious all year round. Plus, with the colour, it’s kind of like eating sunshine.

6) Citrus fennel and avocado salad

With bright colours and strong flavours, this is what tasting the rainbow really is like. So much for Skittles.

7) Chicken and fennel stew

This is a simple and healthy weeknight meal. A hearty dish made in only one pot makes the clean-up quick too!

8) Fennel and cherry quinoa saladCherry-Fennel-Quinoa-Salad-4

This zesty recipe can be a vegetarian-friendly main, or makes for a good next-day lunch option.

9) Roasted fennel

autumn-kale-salad-with-fennel-honeycrisp-and-goat-cheeseThis super easy side will take any meal to the next level.

10) Autumn kale salad with fennel

Warning: this recipe’s author states that she is “not-so-secretly plotting to convert all visitors into kale salad enthusiasts.” We can get behind that plan. Especially when it involves fennel, honey crisp apples, goat cheese, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds. Yum.