Ingredient spotlight: Fresh farro recipes

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Looking to switch up your grain game? Give farro a try (and just a tip– it’s pronounced “far-oh,” not like the Egyptian ruler). This member of the wheat family is a nuttier, slightly chewier grain than rice. With 170 calories per quarter cup dry (it expands when cooked), farro has a similar nutritional makeup to quinoa, but edges the latter out on calcium content.

Try one of the farro recipes below, or swap it into a recipe that you usually make with rice. You won’t be sorry.

1) Mediterranean farro saladfarro

This Greek inspired salad is a perfect big-batch recipe. If you’re headed to a gathering of health-conscious runners, this salad is a great option to bring.

2) Cilantro lime farro

Not a big fan of cilantro? This recipe pairs the herb perfectly with lime and light salt so the taste won’t be over-the-top.

farro-squash-risotto3) Farro risotto with squash and kale

This recipe screams “I love fall!” (which, you know, we runners really do). The squash can be roasted a day or two in advance of making this recipe, if you’re a busy runner-on-the-go.

4) Roasted vegetables and farro salad

Slivered almonds, feta, figs, honey, wine– what more could you possibly want from a dish that is healthy, decadent and delicious?

5) Farro stuffed zucchini

Farro in zucchini “canoes” is sure to be a dinner party show stopper.

6) Maple cinnamon breakfast farroFarro-Breakfast-Porridge-Kitchen-Confidante-4

Oatmeal lovers can switch up their routine with this yummy farro breakfast, lightly sweetened with maple syrup and fresh fruit. We’re thinking strawberries.

7) Farro with spinach and lemon 

White beans add vegetarian protein to this dish that is ready in less than 25 minutes. Leftovers keep well for a nutritious lunch at work the next day.

farro-cucumber-salad-1318) Farro and cucumber salad

With olive oil, white wine and lemon juice, this recipe is refreshing and light. This recipe’s author notes that cucumbers can be swapped out for carrots or beets if you are trying to use up what you have in the fridge, or stay in season.

9) Farro risotto with acorn squashfarro

Hearty and satisfying, this farrow risotto is an excellent way to indulge in autumn produce. For meat-lovers, this recipe does well with chicken added as well.

10) Pesto farro salad

Fresh pesto, tomatoes, zucchini and summer squash make this a bright and mouth-watering main or side. This recipe’s author recommends garnishing with pepitas or hemp seeds, for extra crunch and nutrition.