There’s something festive about peppermint that seems appropriate as December approaches.

Here at Canadian Running we’re all about balance — which means indulging in your favourite flavours without breaking the proverbial calorie bank. In that spirit, here are some of the tastiest, healthy peppermint recipes out there. Enjoy!

1) Mint chocolate smoothie

Getting its flavour from fresh mint leaves and raw cacao nibs (like chocolate chips, but with even more antioxidants), this smoothie is crisp and satisfying. Hidden greens include avocado and spinach, which are overpowered by banana and almond milk.

2) Mint chocolate chia puddingchia

A chia seed pudding is a super simple way to incorporate more fibre into your life, which is something that many struggle with. Sweeten this recipe to your own taste (dependent on whether you’re planning on eating it for breakfast or dessert!).

Vegan_Mint_Chocolate_Mousse-83) Vegan mint chocolate mousse

This decadent vegan recipe takes only three ingredients to create. After making this, you’ll never want a packaged pudding again.

4) Banana avocado mint ice cream

Banana ice cream, affectionately referred to as “nice-cream,” due to its much healthier nutritional profile, is the latest in the healthy dessert craze. The plus side of this recipe is not only the healthy fats from the avocado, but also the fact that it doesn’t require an ice cream.

5) Healthy peppermint patty smoothiehealthy-peppermint-patty-smoothie-2

This protein smoothie is significant enough to be eaten as a small meal. It would also be an ideal post-long run snack, as it gives you a dose of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat.

6) Peppermint chocolate protein balls

Covered in crushed candy cane bits, these protein balls make for a healthy holiday dessert option. They’re naturally sweetened with maple syrup and take only twenty minutes to prepare.

7) Avocado grasshoppers

There is no gluten, egg, dairy or refined sugar in this mint-chocolate dessert. The avocado incorporated in the base layer means that the green colour is all-natural, no food colouring necessary.

peppermint8) Dark chocolate peppermint protein shake

Tastes like a shake, works like a protein bar. Best of both worlds? We think so.

9) Mint chocolate chip energy bites

Similar to a granola bar, but in truffle-form. These bites are naturally sweetened with honey and contain slow-release rolled oats to keep you feeling satisfied.

10) Dark chocolate peppermint trufflesdark-chocolate-peppermint-truffles_4536

These dark chocolate truffles are only twenty-seven calories each (which, believe me, is a rare characteristic for a truffle). The low calorie count comes from the fact that applesauce forms the base of this recipe.

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