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Ingredient spotlight: Super seaweed recipes

What food missing from your diet lives under the sea? Seaweed!

Before you scoff and make the joke that you only eat seaweed when you go out for Japanese fare, listen up for a moment about the nutritional benefits that this oceanic plant offers.

Seaweed contains a nutrient that occurs naturally in barely any other food source, iodine. This nutrient is so hard to come by that World Health Organization adopted a global salt iodization program in 1993, to ensure that people were getting enough.¬†Seaweed is also high in soluble fibre that keeps you feeling full for longer and is a source of antioxidants. Plus, it’s low calorie.

Here are some super seaweed recipes to get your inspiration flowing.

seaweed_risotto_recipe1) Seaweed risotto

Seaweed and risotto are two ingredients that come together in an unexpected but delicious combination for a hearty, healthy meal.

2) Seaweed sesame squares

Bored of the same old granola bar snack? Give this recipe a whirl! With almonds, sesame and sunflower seeds, nori and maple syrup, these squares will taste like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

3) Seedweed snacksSesame Seaweed Bars

This cracker recipe features all the seeds you could possibly want (pumpkin, chia, sunflower, sesame) in conjunction with raw nori to create a unique “seedweed” snack. Your friends will definitely be impressed when you place a plate of these down in front of them.

4) Miso soup

Ready in just 15 minutes, this recipe recreates everyone’s Japanese starter. Now you don’t have to seaweed crackersgo out to a restaurant in order to indulge in a warming bowl of miso.

5) Kale and seaweed salad

This salad is about as green as it gets (and delicious).

6) Nori chips

Have a chip craving? Quash it with these crunchy nori chips, seasoned with olive oil and sea salt.

7) Quinoa sushi rolls

seaweed saladInstead of rice, these sushi rolls are stuffed with quinoa, a complete vegetarian protein. The recipe author provides multiple filling options, depending on your dietary preferences, such as spicy tuna, vegetable salad and sriracha egg omelette.

8) Seaweed pesto

We’ve heard of basil pesto, spinach pesto and even kale pesto, but seaweed pesto is a whole new thing. Try it over pasta or your favourite pasta alternative, for a fun switch-up on the familiar sauce.

seaweed salad9) Deconstructed California roll salad

We’ve heard of mason jar salads before, but this one takes it to a whole new level, deconstructing your favourite type of sushi, layer by layer. We like that they opted for brown instead of white rice.

10) Shiitake and seaweed salad

This salad is proof that it doesn’t take much to create an elevated meal for oneself.