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Menu options for long run mornings


For many runners, the weekend is time to give your running that extra little bit of TLC. That’s true especially on Sunday mornings. Day two of the weekend, for many of us, is blocked off for the long run and all the pre and post-run habits that come with it. As runners know, being dedicated to the sport is not just about the time spent on the road. It’s also about taking proper care of your body while not running. When it comes to Sunday morning, that means eating properly and avoiding breakfast ingredients that irritate the tummy. Need ideas to switch it up? Check these out.

Oatmeal breakfast bars: With pumpkin seeds thrown into the mix, these bars have a flavourful taste and are loaded with good  ingredients that will give power for the run ahead.

Bananas on toast: Gourmet toast is one of the easier food trends to get on board with. Simply throw a couple slices of whole grain bread into the toaster and top with favourite peanut or apple butters. Bananas on toast with a layer of peanut butter is a solid pick for the runner. Sprinkle on some chia or flax seed and you’re good to go.

Cream cheese banana bread: Banana breads are a good pick for the morning of the long run because they aren’t too dense or rich. This recipe adds a fun twist with cream cheese added to the batter. This is a fun alternative to your bagel and cream cheese standard.


Dried fruit protein bars: These bars are extra yummy and provide the necessary nourishment to get runners strong and able to plug through multiple kilometres on Sunday runs. Make them ahead for the whole week and breakfast become extremely simple.

Chai-spiced granola: Of course a home made granola recipe would make it onto the Sunday long run menu. For the runner who needs to void dairy before running, this granola can be eaten dry. The chai gives it a nice fall flavour and it’s easy to vary up the ingredients to throw in your favourites.