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Nuun aims to eliminate 100,000 single-use cups on race courses

New speed cups will eliminate single-use cups on race courses in the Oakland area

Nuun is doing its part to minimize road races’ environmental impact through a partnership with Mascot Sports and HydraPak that will see the elimination of 100,000 single-use cups in races across the Oakland, California area in 2020.

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This partnership will see all Oakland Run Co. events go cupless for 2020. The initiative will include the Bay Bridge Half, Oaktown Half and Oakland Turkey. Across all of the events, up to 100,000 single-use cups will be eliminated. This claims to be the first-ever cupless road race series.

How it works

Each participant will receive an easy-to-hold speed cup to refill at each Nuun drink station. This cup can be tucked away, clipped or folded during the race and then reused in the runner’s everyday life. For each event, Mascot (a sports marketing brand) will also replace safety pins (for bibs) with snap-and-lock reusable fasteners.


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When they launched 15 years ago, Nuun strove to be a healthier choice for runners who needed more than water. This new initiative shows Nuun’s commitment to healthier runners and a healthier planet. The trouble with a lot of commercial sports drinks is that in addition to electrolytes (which you lose through sweating), they contain a lot of stuff that’s not particularly beneficial–like sugar and artificial sweeteners, dyes and flavouring. Nuun eliminated the unnecessary ingredients and left runners with a cleaner drink that was just as satisfying.