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Post-run hydration: Fruit-infused water

Temperatures are heating up as we head into summer. For runners, heat waves are imminent and long runs pounding hot pavement is a recipe for dehydration. Plain old water can be a little boring. To shake things up, try a fruit-infused water. To make life easier, try a fruit-infuser bottle like Fruition where fruit goes into a separate component. Now, grab your favourite fruits and try out these combinations.


1) Grapefruit and rosemary water

This is an unexpected combo for the runner who really wants to try something different and¬†doesn’t shy away from bitter tastes. Make sure to cut the grapefruit against the grain and include some rind to give your water a flavour boost. You can infuse this beverage for 24 hours but take the rosemary out after four.

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2) Raspberry-lime water

To make sure you get all the juices flowing, muddle the fruits with a wooden spoon. Top it off with tons of ice to.

3) Watermelon and mint

This one if fairly simple. Use as much watermelon as you like but don’t go overboard with the mint. Just a couple leaves should be good. Watermelon is nice and juicy, it’s basically made for these purposes.

4) Strawberry-pineapple-basil refresher

For a variation of this recipe, swap the pineapple for lemon. Your drink will be less sweet and more citrusy, sour. This is a great option for serving to the running buddies when you have them over since it’s falvours appeal to nearly everyone. And well, it looks great on your table.

5) Lemon and orange with a minty twist

This is a great alternative to sugar-laden orange juices. To add an extra zing, throw in a couple slices of grapefruit.