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Registered dietitians you need to follow on Instagram

These RD's and runners are great Instagram follows for healthy and fun recipes to fuel your miles

Good nutrition advice is hard to come by, but a registered dietitian is a good place to start. Making an appointment is the best way to get personalized advice, but if you’re merely looking for some nutrition inspiration, their social media pages are a good place to start.

Below are dietitians who are also runners and their blogs and Insta feeds are filled with recipe ideas to get you through the winter.

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Megan Kuikman – @megankuikmanrd

Kuikman is a registered dietician who’s passionate about running. She’s currently in the middle of a masters program with a research focus on RED-S and is an avid runner herself who boasts a 2:47 marathon PB.


On her Instagram and blog you’ll find nutrition advice, recipe ideas and research reviews on the latest in nutritional science.

Tristaca Curley – @fuelingwithfoodnutrition

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I have volunteered to be the food coordinator for my son’s class at school this year. It means I get to help organize all the food for their parties. This is so up my alley! Since the teacher knows I’m a dietitian, I should probably make sure there are some nutrient-rich options to go along with all the other tasty treats. So, this is what I made for their Halloween party… chocolate covered California strawberry ghosts. The boys loved making them with me; they were super quick and easy. It doesn’t hurt that California strawberries are great to #SnackOn8, packed with vitamin C and fibre and taste delicious this time of year. Here’s what you need… 25 California strawberries 200 g white baking chocolate 1 tsp coconut oil Small tube of blue icing Microwave the chocolate and coconut oil until melted and smooth. Dip strawberries in and place on baking sheet. Let harden in freezer for about 5 min. Then decorate with the icing tube. Voila! Happy Halloween! #CaliforniaStrawberries #ad #happyhalloween #healthysnacks #healthysnacking #healthyeats #schooltreats #halloweentreats #healthyhalloween #healthyhalloweentreats #healthyschooltreats #healthykids #foodonthego #eatonthego #strawberries #nutrition #healthyliving #california #berries #inseasonnow #wholefood #realfood #strawberry #getsnacking #schoolsafe #okanagannutrition #kelownadietitian #dietitianmom #kelownanutritionist

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As a dietitian, academic and mom, Curley has nutrition advice for every kind of person. She knows how to encourage kids to eat well and she’s also got a background in sports nutrition for the elites among us.

Follow Curley or check out her blog for recipes and nutrition advice for every runner.

Ashley Leone – @gazellenutrition

Leone loves professional sport and her interests and nutrition advice seem to skew that way. Not only does she provides great recipe ideas and tales from her own running adventures, but she also does cool stuff like illustrate how much a Tour de France rider eats in a day (to fulfill their over 6,000 calorie output).

Erin M’Larkey – @kitchenwitchrd

M’Larkey is a former track runner who promotes a healthy relationship with food and encourages people to eat food she considers to be both good for the body and good for the soul. On her blog you’ll find burgers and doughnuts alongside hearty soups and stews.

Krista DuChene – @kristaduchene

DuChene is a Boston Marathon third place finisher, a Berlin Marathon masters champion and known as Canada’s marathon mom. On top of all this, she’s a registered dietician who loves food.

Her Instagram is filled with not only running inspiration but also food and recipe ideas. She’s also got a big family so if you’re a runner who struggles to come up with fun meal ideas for all of your people, look no further.