Salad-making robots are going to change how you eat on the go

Looking to eat healthier while traveling? Meet Sally the salad making robot

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The travelling runner can struggle with their food options. Airport food is improving, but sometimes you’re forced to choose between a bad sandwich and an old fruit cup. 

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Chowbotics is a company that is revolutionizing food preparation. They created Sally the salad-making robot, which can make up to 1,000 meal combinations. The machine can produce grain bowls, snacks and salads. 

You’re provided with accurate nutrition facts and an entirely customizable meal. This machine is essentially a fresh vending machine, and only slightly larger than an ATM. It holds 22 ingredient canisters and has meat options. 

The ingredients are refrigerated, plus Sally comes with a recommended schedule that guides the operator on how often to replace and replenish the ingredients to ensure great quality. 

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With health and healthy eating being a central aspect of running and injury prevention, Sally the robot could change how people eat on the go. The company launched their first machine in San Francisco in 2017, but intends to extend their reach. 

When you’re traveling and find yourself in a food crunch, Melissa Piercell, ND, recommends looking for high-protein, low-sugar options. In terms of protein intake, Piercell says that a good rule of thumb is half your weight, per day, in grams. So, a person who weighs 180 lbs would be looking to take in 90 grams of protein a day. Piercell adds, “And that’s for a relatively inactive person. For a runner, they will likely need a little more.” Once you’ve got your protein covered, go for the option with the least sugar.