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Seasonal snacking: Amazing apple recipes

Nothing signals the changing of the guard from summer to fall quite like the appearance of fresh bushels of apples at the local farmers market. Apples mean back to school.

Here is a round up of some of our favourite apple recipes to make use of this fall favourite in healthy, flavourful ways. It may be cliche to say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a new apple recipe certainly does keep taste-bud boredom at bay.

Apple-Walnut-Cranberry-Salad-4-1024x6821) Apple walnut cranberry salad

This salad is made with a homemade apple cider viniagrette, which will get your your daily dose of probiotic fermented foods. Walnuts are crunchy and heart-healthy, with cranberries and apples for sweetness, this fall salad is a treat.

2) Raw apple-cinnamon and chia breakfast bowl

This yummy bowl is the perfect way for an apple-lover to start the day. Designed with breakfast in mind, this bowl could also serve as a delicious post-run refuelling snack. This recipe is naturally sweetened by dates and contains chia seeds for fibre and omegas.

3) Apple buttersugar-free-apple-butter

Tired of peanut butter on your toast every morning? For a seasonal switch-up, try out this no-sugar-added apple butter recipe, which the author says tastes like “fall in a jar.” Apple butter can also be frozen for a long shelf-life.

4) Apple cinnamon granola bars

These granola bars are full of healthy ingredients, like rolled oats, chopped nuts and flaxseed, along with apples. They’d make for a Healthy-Chewy-Apple-Cinnamon-Granola-Bars-3great back-to-school recess snack if you’re a runner with young runners careening around.

5) Cinnamon apple quinoa

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, this recipe works for any time of day. With simple ingredients that can be found in any kitchen, this recipe is ready in a half-hour, making for an easy weeknight meal.

6) Cinnamon-sugared apple “fries”

This recipe is certainly a unique take on traditional fries. When combined with whipped coconut cream, these make for a delectable vegan treat.Apple-Fries-OVERHEAD

7) Cinnamon apple energy bites

This tasty tidbits are gluten free and vegan, made with guilt-free ingredients for a snack that tastes like a cookie. Energy bites can be frozen to stock up for later.

8) Sage and apple turkey burgers

Made with lean ground turkey and packed with apples and other veggies, these burgers come in at a much lower calorie count and fat content than a traditional beef burger. Perhaps apple butter would be an appropriate condiment for these tasty turkey burgers?

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.49.21 PM9) Roasted butternut squash and brussel sprouts with apples

Roasted vegetables are, in my own humble opinion, the best side dish on the face of the planet. This recipe spotlights some of our other fall favourites, like squash.

10) Apple chips

Have a craving for something crunchy but trying to stay healthy? Apple chips are a great option. They’ve recently become more widely available in stores, but often at an exorbitant price for a small bag. Making them yourself allows you to save money and season them to your own taste. Check out all of our veggie chip recipes for other healthy snacking options.