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Seasonal snacking: Beautiful blackberry recipes

Blackberry season is approaching! Here are some of our top picks for delicious blackberry recipes.

Blackberry-Muffins_31) Vanilla bean blackberry muffins

At 85 calories per muffin, these are a lower-calorie, healthy breakfast choice. They’re also gluten free.

2) Blackberry swirl yogurt cake

Looking for a moist, summer-inspired loaf? Look no further. We’re justifying an extra slice of this cake because Greek yogurt makes it healthy.bss

3) Blackberry coconut smoothie bowl

What differentiates a smoothie bowl from a regular smoothie? A smoothie bowl is exactly that: a smoothie in a bowl. The only thing that seems to be different is that serving in a bowl allows more room for toppings than a glass, so you can sprinkle on pepitas, chia seeds, oats or fruit.

4) Blackberry honey walnut salad

Apples, mangoes, cucumber, red pepper, honey roasted almonds and blackberries, this salad is packed with tasty and nutrient-packed ingredients. Making your own salad dressing is a surefire way to slash calories and unhealthy fats, as well as weird preservatives, additives and sodium.

Blackberry-Frozen-Yogurt-by-Tricia-@-Saving-room-for-dessert-on-July-23-2013-410x2735) Blackberry frozen yogurt

Healthy frozen yogurt. Need we say more?

6) Blackberry hoisin ginger pork tenderloin

Pork tenderloin is a a great source of iron. Plus the vitamin C in the fruit will help you to absorb it better.

7) Blackberry glazed salmonIMG_0051-650x974

Blackberry coated salmon sounds like the ultimate summer meal.

8) Blackberry mojito green tea

Lemon-Blackberry-Breakfast-Muffins-iowagirleats.com-02_miniThis refreshing summer beverage contains no added sugar.

9) Lemon blackberry breakfast cookies

These breakfast cookies are gluten, egg and dairy free. They’re also sweetened with applesauce and mashed banana. They can also be made ahead and frozen for a grab and go snack.

Say hello to the recipe that lets you eat cookies for breakfast.tumblr_m2k1dsSpMl1qba3et

10) Blackberry fennel pizza

Fruit on pizza may sound strange, but definitely don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.