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Seasonal snacking: Blueberry recipes

One of the best offerings of the summer, blueberries are a fantastic source of antioxidants, vitamin C and fibre.

blueberry granola bars1) Blueberry vanilla greek yogurt bars

Although you could use dried blueberries to make these bars, the author of this recipe recommends drying your own in the oven to avoid all the extra sugar added in the commercial drying process. Chia seeds, almonds, rolled oats and greek yogurt are just a few of the superfoods enveloped within this recipe. They make for a quick grab-and-go snack option and are kid-friendly.

2) Blueberry avocado quinoa

Avocado and blueberry team up with a lightened-up poppyseed dressing to create this fresh dish. This recipe is great for healthy leftover lunches the next day.

blueberry grilled cheese3) Balsamic blueberry grilled cheese

Grilled cheese might not be the first food that pops into your mind when you think blueberries, but this gourmet sandwich is a must-try. The author of the recipes likes to go berry picking herself and stock up, then freezes the excess for the months when the berries are out of season (and therefore quite expensive).

4) Blueberry yogurt protein bites

This recipe is quick to assemble and if made with greek yogurt as the base, packs a protein punch. These cool treats are perfect as the temperature begins to rise. Plus, we like that there are only four ingredients.

5) Baby kale salad with blueberries and oranges

Pink, orange, red, blue and green–this salad lives up to the nutritionist’s advice to ‘eat the rainbow.’ The vitamin C from the fruit aids in the absorption of iron from the salad greens.

banana bread6) Blueberry banana bread

This is the blueberry’s take on the classic banana bread, but with less added sugar (opting instead for partial sweetening with applesauce). We recommend using whole wheat flour for the entirety of the recipe. If you really want to go all out for blueberry season, you can spread a dollop of the blueberry chia seed jam from below on a slice of this loaf.

7) Blueberry chia seed jam

Chia seeds elevate the nutritional value of this homemade jam above your regular store-bought kind. It is also made with natural sweetener (maple syrup) rather than white sugar.

salt8) Blueberry salt

Bet you’ve never tried a recipe like this before! This blueberry salt makes for a memorable salad topping, seasoning for popcorn or garnish for grilled fruit.

9) Blueberry milk

You’ve heard of chocolate milk and maybe even strawberry milk. But blueberry milk? You didn’t know that was a thing. The best part about this recipe is that it packs a lot less sugar than processed stir-in syrups. This recipe could be step one in getting your kids excited about healthy eating.blueberry-milk-

10) Blueberry pineapple salsa

Do you automatically think tomatoes when you hear the word salsa? Well, not after trying this recipe you won’t. A bit of jalapeño, blueberries and pineapple make for a zippy summer garnish. Serve on top of grilled fish, in tacos or on its own as a side dish.