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Seasonal snacking: Delicious chard recipes

Incorporating more dark leafy greens in your diet is a good idea for every runner. Think of chard as kale’s less popular cousin, but you should give chard a shot because it’s a pretty cool ingredient, once you get to know it.

A single cup of boiled chard provides you with 122 per cent of your daily vitamin A, 30 per cent of your vitamin C, 21 per cent of your magnesium and 12 per cent of your iron. Here are some delicious chard recipes to get you inspired to cook with this fresh seasonal veg.

Pan-Seared-Salmon-with-Garlicky-Swiss-Chard-The-Lemon-Bowl1) Baked eggs with spinach and chard

While breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, all runners know that post-long run brunch is the best meal of the week. This baked eggs with spinach and chard recipe would make for the perfect post-long run meal.

2) Pan seared salmon with garlicky chard

Making fish a weekly meal habit is a good way to ensure you’re getting enough omega fats in your diet. A salmon filet laid on a bed of garlicky chard makes for a simple, tasty and incredibly healthy dinner option.

3) Swiss chard rollschard rolls

This vegan recipe is a great appetizer to take to a buffet-style party, or even as a main if you’re having a few. Bulgar and lentils combine with a other veggies for a delicious platter of plant-based goodness.

Hearty-Lentil-and-Swiss-Chard-Soup-34) Hearty lentil chard soup

This recipe is called a soup, but it’s really more of a stew. Lentils provide vegetarian protein and fibre. Sweet potato provides healthy complex carbs for a hearty, keep you feeling full kind of meal.

5) Swiss chard tacos

This is not your typical taco recipe. These tacos are vegetarian-friendly and have a huge calorie saving swap of a traditional taco shell for a sturdy Swiss chard leaf. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, thisspaghetti squash recipe is a neat one to try out.

6) Spaghetti squash with Swiss chard and dried cranberries

Spaghetti squash is one of our favourite pasta alternatives. With Swiss chard and dried cranberries, this is a satisfying dish that will impress your vegan or vegetarian friends.

rainbow-chard-smoothie67) Rainbow chard banana smoothie

Sweet frozen bananas and a dash of pineapple or orange juice make you forget you’re also packing in a dose of healthy green chard. Throw in a bit of flaxseed for added fibre and your day will be off to a super healthy start. I mean, just look at that photo. I’m not sure it gets any healthier than that!

8) Power lentil salad

Sauteed chard, pomegranate, fresh veggies and lentils all drizzled with a ginger-mint viniagrette come together in this delicious salad.

9) Spicy coconut swiss chard

Nutritious and fool-proof. What more can you ask for from a dish?chard

10) Brown rice bowl with chard and nutty tomato romesco

This hearty meal is packed with fresh, good-for-you ingredients. Perfect for the runner who likes a “mix it all together” kind of dish.