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Seasonal snacking: Healthy parsnip recipes

We tend to think of the parsnip as the carrot’s less colourful, less exciting relative. Fun fact: parsnips become sweeter when left in the ground for the first few frosts of the year. See, parsnips can be interesting.

These healthy parsnip recipes are out to change the vegetable’s “boring” reputation and have you cooking with this root veg all winter long.

slow-cooker-root-vegetable-stew-11) Root vegetable stew

The beautiful thing about slow cookers is that you can put them on before work and voila, dinner is ready when you come home. This hearty veggie stew is vegan friendly.

2) Parsnip fries


We’re always interested in healthifying our junk food favourites. These parsnipparsnip fries are roasted, not deep fried and seasoned with fennel seed and olive oil, rather than copious amounts of salt. Try them with a little bit of siracha if you’re a fan of heat!

3) Kale, pomegranate and carmelized parsnip salad

Maple carmelized roasted parsnips mingle with tart pomegranate and crunchy kale in this decadent salad. Take it up a level with toasted hazelnuts and shaved parmesan. Yum.

Bolognese-Sauce-0384) Parsnip noodles with bolognese sauce

Pasta alternatives are all the rage these days. This recipe for parsnip noodles with bolognese sauce is an innovative take on the classic pasta dish. Parsnip noodles hold up to heat a bit better than some other veggie noodles, which makes them a good option for warm dishes.

5) Parsnip hummus

While this dish is tentatively called a “hummus,” it doesn’t actually involve any chickpeas, making it a good alternative if you’re not a huge chickpea fan.

6) Parsnip pancakesexps27912_TA64349D223A(2)

The savoury gourmet pancakes are flavoured with chives and onions and come in at less than 160 calories for two. Best served with yogurt.

7) Parsnip carrot lentil soup

This soup is a healthy dish for a crowd on a chilly day, serving seven or eight people for approximately 175 calories per serving.

8) Pan fried parsnips

Normally we try to avoid recipes with sugar and butter, but these pan fried parsnips just caught ofrench-lentil-soup-with-parsnip-and-apple-vegan3ur attention and looked too good not to try.

9) French lentil soup with parsnip and apple

This soup is a gluten-free, vegan friendly comfort dish.

10) Carrot parsnip soupCarrot-and-Parnisp-soup-6

Ready in just 30 minutes, this soup is creamy without actually containing cream. It’s vegetarian, gluten-free and delicious.