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Seasonal snacking: Mouthwatering watermelon recipes

Watermelon is the staple of summer snacking. This fruit is a low-calorie rehydration powerhouse. Even though the most common way to eat watermelon is to just slice it up and enjoy, there are lots of fun ways to make watermelon recipes exciting. Here are a few for inspiration.

guacamole1) Watermelon feta guacamole

A big bowl of this refreshing take on the snacking classic is perfect for a summer BBQ.

2) Grilled watermelon salad with balsamic reductiongrilled watermelon salad // brooklyn supper

If you thought watermelon couldn’t be dressed up into a gourmet meal, you thought wrong.

3) Tilapia burgers with watermelon salsa

Tilapia makes for a lighter summer burger and watermelon salsa is a unique burger topper.

watermelon quinoa4) Watermelon strawberry basil quinoa salad

Strawberries, watermelon, slivered almonds and goats cheese come together in this delicious quinoa salad.

5) Watermelon feta mint skewersWatermelon-Feta-Mint-Skewers-Bites-of-Bri-682x1024

These are a super easy and healthy appetizer for a big group of people.

6) Spice crusted salmon with watermelon salsa

Heat on the salmon and coolness in the salsa makes for a perfect combination.

Watermelon-Donuts-2-724x10247) Watermelon donuts

That’s right, watermelon donuts. These will be the healthiest donuts you ever eat (and yes, you can have more than one).

8) Thai watermelon salad

Cucumber and watermelon make for a super light salad topped with DSC_4114crunchy peanuts and flavoured with orange and lime juice.

9) Watermelon chicken salad

Blue cheese, almonds and grilled chicken top watermelon and baby spinach on this satisfying summer salad.

watermelon jerky10) Watermelon jerky

This recipe is an absolute must-try for anyone who has a food dehydrator. No extra sugar or preservatives, just watermelon.