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Seasonal snacking: Perfect plum recipes

Plum season is fast approaching. Here are our favourite healthy plum recipes.

Spiced-Plum-Yoghurt-Popsicles-31) Spiced plum and yogurt popsicles

Made with frozen yogurt and plums, this recipe is a healthier option than the traditional Popsicle. Red wine, cinnamon and cardamom elevate this recipe to gourmet level.

2) Roasted plums

Looking for a lower calorie, simple dessert that you can’t really screw up? Try roasting your own plums. The prep time takes only five minutes and cook time is only 20.

3) Plum fruit leatherPlumbCrisp

Did you ever have a fruit-roll up as a kid? That’s pretty much what these are, except homemade and without all the added stuff.

4) No sugar added berry crisp

Sliced almonds, oats, coconut oil and some stevia are all that you need to top of this delicious plum dish.

RoastedPlums5) Honey roasted plums

The author of this recipe topped these babies off with coconut yogurt and a bit of honey drizzle to make for an elegant summer dessert offering.

6) Gingered pear plum chia seed jam

This recipe is sweetened with maple syrup and has a bit of ginger for bite. Chia seeds are a great source of dietary fibre, magnesium and calcium.