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Smoothie bowl recipes to start the day right

We’re kind of a fan of the smoothie bowl trend. These recipes are worth waking up for…

Tuesday’s smoothie bowl with chia seeds, berrys and oats! #vegan#healthyfood#smoothiebowl

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Smoothie bowls. They’re not quite a smoothie but not really cereal either and they seem to be one of the biggest food trends lately. That’s not a surprise as they’re a healthy, delicious and fun option for breakfast or a post-workout snack. This is a good go-to for when runners don’t want to spend forever in the kitchen concocting nutritious meals. We did some research on this yummy food trend. These are our top picks. Get a little creative this week.

Honey flax granola bowlWe’re drooling over this one. Take your favourite granola or favourite cereal and upgrade it with this recipe. To make this extra healthy, go with a pure honey from your local health food store. The
good thing about any smoothie bowl recipe is that you can mix it up by changing up the types of fruit you add. This one however has a yummy raspberry and almond flavour that we can get behind.

Vegan_chia bowl

Vegan chia crunchTesting out the vegan diet? In a world where breakfast seems to revolve around bacon, eggs and sausages, it can seem like you’re missing out. Not with an item like this (pictured left from domesticate-me.com) on the menu. The best part about this combo is the chia– this little seed packs a ton of energy to keep you going all morning no matter how tough the workout!

All green smoothie bowlEating your greens just got so much better. Feel energized and get that daily dose of produce into your diet. This one will have you feeling full, but not heavy or slumpy from a heavy, high-carb breakfast. Nice.

Mint_chocolate bowl

Chocolate mint refresherChocolate fans are going to fall in love with this breakfast (pictured right from helloglow.co). We’ve just decided that dark chocolate is a completely acceptable breakfast ingredient. This is an interesting spin on the smoothie bowl and it works. This one will have runners wondering why mint isn’t used in more recipes. This fresh herb is a favourite.

Mango delightIt looks like a bowl of sunshine and tastes as good as it looks. This is a breakfast that is worth getting up for. Who doesn’t like mango? The inclusion of coconut makes it taste like summer. Eating this one will start the day right and have you longing for those warm days at the beach.