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Study proves Canadians in dire need of noon-hour lifestyle changes

If you've been munching through the noon hour chained to your desk, you're part of a large group of Canadians.

If you ate lunch at your cubicle today, you’re part of a large group of Canadians. 

Almost 40 per cent of Canadians are eating lunch at their desks according to a study conducted at Dalhousie in Nova Scotia and reported on by The Globe and Mail

The study surveyed 1,019 Canadians in March and April of this year and found that 39 per cent ate at desks, 37 per cent ate lunches at home and 24 per cent ate in a cafeteria or kitchen area. 

Professor in food distribution and policy and lead author of the study, Sylvain Charlebois, drew the conclusion that this reflects that Canadians are under more pressure at work and have changed their attitudes about traditional meal time.


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Of the group studied, 72 per cent packed their own lunches and 24 per cent bought their mid-day meal. While Torontonians might have a reputation for being chained to their desks and addicted to the workday grind, it’s actually east coast Canadians that are most glued to their screens as they munch through the noon hour. About 50 per cent of people from this region of Canada sit at their desk and continue to work through the second meal of the day. 

As the findings of this study seem to suggest that Canadians are keeping hasty mid-day schedules, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our population is widely depending on ready-made or restaurant meals. Again, 41 per cent rely on this option at least twice a week. 

What does this all mean? 

The study’s author, Charlebois suggests that the concept of classic meal times– breakfast, lunch and dinner– is slowly disintegrating. In Canada, lunch time is on the out. He suggests that breakfast is next. When it comes to eating healthy, he suggests that our country needs to come up with realistic ways to eat healthy throughout the day– even during the weekday hustle. 

The solution

Many full-time, career-oriented folks who live in this country need a meal-prep solutions that’s fairly quick and effortless. We get that. According to the study, those who are single are also more likely to grab on-the-go foods which often are much less healthy than the homemade alternative. Luckily, if this is the pickle you’re in, we have an easy fix. The below recipes are quick, easy, and healthy. 

On-the-go healthy snacks for endurance athletes 

Spaghetti squash savoury pancakes 

Classic lunch update: Smoked salmon on a bagel with dill

Morning upgrade: Tea-infused oatmeal

What’s the fix for those who feel chained to their desk during lunch time? Our suggestion: get up and run. The lunch hour run is one of the most underrated times of day to get the workout in. Not convinced? Read our arguments for the mid-day run here