Summer barbecue recipes for post-workout refueling

In summer, the barbecue is working overtime. Spice things up by getting creative with these recipes (yes we included veggie options!).

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It’s official: summer is here. Canadians deal with so many months of cold, inhospitable weather. Once the warm temperatures come around and the days are at their longest, we take advantage of the season in as many ways as possible. For runners, that often means picking up the mileage and skipping fewer runs. It’s just easier to get out when trees and flowers are in full bloom and a sweaty long run can be finished with a plunge in the lake. But all that running means there has to be room made for refueling. That’s when the barbecue comes in handy. In the months from June through to early September, that barbecue is working overtime. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a full meat lover, there are dozens of creative recipes to get you through the long, hot summer. Below is a round-up of a few of our favourites. Get cooking!


Mushroom skewersThese skewers, found on, can easily be made in the oven on a rainy day or on the barbecue when friends are coming over after the evening track session. The best part is that they are tasty without having to use some overly-involved, complicated recipe. And your vegan and vegetarian friends will appreciate having a tasty skewer that they too can eat. Switch these for oyster mushrooms if you’re really looking to impress.


Lemon salted zucchini strips. It can be argued that there is perhaps no better summer flavour than zesty lemon and fresh produce. These strips are simple to make and do well as a side for any chicken or fish dish. Or serve them as an appetizer for an upcoming dinner party. Your guests will love them– and they are a great option in a crowd of vegetarians too.


Grilled eggplant in mustard vinaigrette. Runners will love this especially since one of the prime ingredients is…. craft beer! Also, don’t even worry about not having the time to whip up a delicious dinner because with this recipe, it only takes 15 minutes. Also, this one will prove to all naysayers that eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland or boring.


Shrimp pineapple skewers. It won’t take you all night to get these skewers ready to eat. And for the runner who loves their spices, these ones are loaded with them. Seafood is the taste of summer for many of us… don’t let the summer pass you by without trying these at least once.


Chili Lime ChickenLime, honey and cilantro. That should be enough to sell anyone on this recipe. Runners who work hard need their protein to help the muscles recover to be at their max for the next run or race. This recipe is anything but boring and it’s versatile enough to go nicely with your favourite summer side– be it a pasta salad, bowls of fresh greens or baked potato. For the non-veggie runner, this will easily become a go-to.


Grilled lemon salmon. These taste fresh and will filling enough to have your body well-fed for the next hard interval session. Salmon on the barbecue is a must in summer and this recipe includes just the right combinations of herbs and spices to give it the right amount of flavour without going overboard.