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The most nutritious superfood veggies and how to cook them


Eat your veggies. We’ve been hearing that since childhood when nagging parents doled out large helpings of carrots and leafy greens. We sulked about it then, but now we know, that yes, loading up on vegetables gives your body exactly what it needs to feel healthy and energetic. There’s no other option. But not all veggies are created equal so before you head out to the market, know which ones to put on the list.

The Centers for Disease  Control and Prevention did a study in an effort to clearly identify powerhouse fruits and vegetables. To be a power food, the veggies had to have 10 percent of more of a daily value of 17 nutrients including potassium, calcium, iron, fiber, protein and vitamins. Here are the vegetables that they found to be the most nutritious:


This one looks just like baby spinach and can easily be added to salads, pasta dishes or sandwiches to make for healthier lunches.

Chinese cabbage

This might be better known as bok choy. Add it to stews, soups or a stir fry. Saute bok choy on a pan with a mix of your other favourites vegetables and use it as a side dish.



This is a close relative to kale. Steam this one to reduce its somewhat bitter taste or rip leaves into bite-sized pieces and bake them into chips.


Up the nutritional value of a pizza or flatbread by sprinkling on a generous portion of arugula. You can also use it as a prime ingredient in a salad.

Beet greens

Though many people just use the beet root, you can actually also use the green part by steaming it and using it in a vegetable medley.


Use chicory as an herb to give favourite dishes extra flavouring. Scatter leaves liberally the same as you would use parsley. Both the root and leaves are best when boiled if you plan to cook it instead.